Elon Musk Warns Us For Artificial Intelligence

A lot of well-known tech giants ventilate their concerns regarding the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Tesla creator Elon musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Stephen Hawking already warned the public multiple times. Elon Musk lately expressed his worries in an article by fortune in which he states that AI is “the greatest risk we face as a civilization”. He blames colleagues like Zuckerberg to be not “cautious enough” and that he does not see the real danger. Musk also states that governments should study AI to prevent dangerous shifts in daily life, rather then fix them once already occurred. Which makes sense, fixing difficulties will always take more sacrifice and bear more costs then preventing them in the first place.

One of these technological difficulties we face to today, is Artificial Intelligence in recruitment. The race among companies to stay ahead of competition results in the birth of some cutting-edge technologies, like screening applicants via an AI. Characteristics like word choice, tone of voice an non-verbal social skills are detected by enhanced software in a video chat. In some cases, the applicant is even interviewed by a bot. Advocates of applying this tech in recruitment situations stress that an AI would be unbiased and purely focused on whether the applicants skill set is a relevant match. Which brings us to the question, rightfully stated by Forbes:  “Do human biases extend to our artificial counterparts?”

The cons could be: the whole social and human approach in recruitment disappears, a lot of people are getting their first job via connections and their network. Also, picking an applicant to be mentored by you takes more then just an exact job description match, it comes with judging a personality and interacting with the applicant. Moreover, an AI stays “just a machine” so far, smart applicants could maybe trick the software.

So new tech that intervenes with our way of doing recruitment  and a couple of big boys warning us for AI, we should light up the discussion before all these changes happen I would say. Would you apply or work for a company that recruits, for a large part, via a machine?

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