What is Artificial Intelligence?

A great video created by HubSpot. A large portion of society gets their understanding of AI from fiction. Whether it’s from books, cartoons or movies. They mostly decide our perspective on AI. 

Though I am a great fan of movies like Ex Machina, they provide us with a false view on what AI is nowadays. We seem to be waiting for AI to rock our world, without realizing it is already here. Simple applications we work with everyday inhabit AI, and in most cases we are not even aware of it. 

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. The term was first used in 1956 by scientists researching whether a machine could have human characteristics regarding learning and behaving. Learning by observing was how they figured a machine could improve itself. The question was: what if we give a set of rules that transform any given input into a controlled and rational output. 

Why AI is getting popular right now? Those inputs mentioned above are getting bigger and more complex. We are living in the era of data harvesting where information is worth more than gold. 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the past two years. Analyzing this data requires a more efficient and more powerful tool than the human brain. Learning a machine to reason with this data is a way of making these big piles of information understandable and allows businesses to act on data faster than ever before. 

To use the brain as a metaphor. When you are walking the streets your sensory senses are receiving a constant stream of information. Like the cars driving by, the sound of a scooter next to you, the smell of garbage that makes you walk around that spot. These events are considered input. The brain is the machine that computes how to behave and react to certain inputs. It is trained by experience or responds based on reasoning. We learn from to brain to enhance machine learning because the brain works with information faster than any artificial model we can produce. 

To use the brain as a model for machines in order to make them learn is what keeps people awake these days. After millions of years of trial and error, our brain is pretty efficient in working with data, analyze it and respond to it. 

Whether an Artificial artifact exhibits intelligence was in most cases unknown to us, but in the last 3 years we are starting to use it’s potential in every corner of the world. 

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